SmarterSurveys™ offers different options for authentication and access into the survey system via third-party systems such as learning management systems (LMS) and internal institution portals.  Because client institutions use the system in different ways, there are several possible options for authentication into SmarterSurveys™.    Basic options of authentication can be implemented with no extra fee.  The table below describes the authentication options.





Basic LTI


Most Learning Management Systems (LMS) now support the Basic LTI (Learning Tools Interoperatability) standard which is a standard way of adding third party tools like SmarterSurveys into a LMS. Any LMS that supports this standard could allow a you to create a SmarterSurveys link in a course or anywhere else in the LMS directly linking to the users' SmarterSurveys account.  For a list of supported LMS systems, please visit:  LTIv1.0 or later is required to integrate with SmarterSurveys.

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Included Available for use in any system supporting the LTI standard.

The SmarterSurveys REST API can be used to query information about assessments, users, and results.  API is based on REST principles, it's very easy to write and test applications. It allows you to use your browser to access URLs, and most HTTP clients in any programming language to interact with the API.

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Included Available for use in any system that can make remote HTTPS calls
Username and Password

This is the basic type of authentication into SmarterSurveys™.  As part of your data upload, you will provide a username that users will need to provide to login.  You have the option of including a password in the upload or allowing the system to auto generate one for each user.




Inbound Single Sign On (SSO)

Many clients are concerned with their students having to manage multiple usernames and passwords for various online systems.  In a single sign on environment, the user authenticates into a third party system and then from within that system they can be automatically authenticated into SmarterSurveys™.


NOTE:  Additional programming and setup will be required on the clients end using our Application Programming Interface API.



Available for use in all third party systems.

Third Party Authentication

Some clients utilize an existing authentication system in their environment such as LDAP.   SmarterSurveys™ can use this system to authenticate users.  We will setup a custom login plugin for your account that can be used to authenticate off of this system.   Users can utilize the same username and password across all systems


First One Free / Custom Rate for 2 or more

LDAP, Custom Authentication

Fee Details


The feature is included in the annual SmarterSurveys™ license and can be used free of charge.

Custom Rate

The feature can be created especially for a customer given their specifications. The charge for this custom programming is billed at $150 per hour.