About SmarterSurveys™


SmarterSurveys™ is a flexible, dependable, and secure web-based solution for conducting end-of-course surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of courses and faculty. SmarterSurveys allows schools to replace hand written, bubble sheet, and/or locally created web-based survey processes.  SmarterSurveys allows schools to fully customize and automate the course evaluation process.  To aide in the design of the end-of-course survey, SmarterSurveys provides a databank of over 300 vetted assessment items.  In addition to this, SmarterSurveys can provide consulting from terminally degreed educators with years of experience in collecting and evaluating student perception data.  While SmarterSurveys is designed for end-of-course surveys, it can also be used for any surveys which schools need to administer to a small set of students or the entire student body.

All data collected using SmarterSurveys is immediately available through clear, colorful, graphical reports generated by the SmarterSurveys system and/or for export into other data systems for analysis.  Schools find SmarterSurveys a valuable tool for strategic planning and institutional effectiveness studies.  Since the analytical reports are immediately available, schools can plan and revise academic programs and instructional practices as needed in a timely fashion. Through a system of role-based, tiered access only persons designated with appropriate level of access can view the summary reports and data.  Data is archived for up to ten years for longitudinal analysis.  All data gathered by SmarterSurveys is securely stored and privacy and anonymity are assured.  SmarterSurveys is a hosted, turn-key solution.  No equipment purchase or software installation is required by participating schools.  SmarterSurveys is the most feature-full, yet cost effective course evaluation solution available. SmarterSurveys is provided in a custom user interface which is branded with the school's graphical identity.


Making Sense of Data

SmarterSurveys is a survey system that does more than just collect data online.  It is a survey system designed by academics specifically to solve problems encountered in the end-of-course survey process.


RESPONSE BIAS – Faculty members are concerned that factors such as class size, time of day, gender, student major, etc. will bias how students rate them as an instructor. The analysis and scoring systems in SmarterSurveys use psychometrically sound, research based algorithms that control for bias to produce a fair measure of teaching effectiveness.
IMPROVEMENT – Faculty members state that end-of-course survey data is typically presented on a course-by-course basis.  Faculty need a system that reports their progress over time so that they can improve their teaching effectiveness. SmarterSurveys provides longitudinal analysis of an individual faculty member’s effectiveness across multiple courses.
ACCOUNTABILITY – Schools exist in a “Culture of Accountability.”  Constituents such as the federal government, accrediting agencies, and the public are demanding accurate reporting of the effectiveness of how tax dollars are being spent in public education.    The scale scores generated using SmarterSurveys provide a validated, standardized reporting of the teaching effectiveness of faculty.  The automated exporting of the scales scores to a public website meets the requirements now in place in some states.
MEANING – Faculty members state that the simple, descriptive data (means, standard deviations, etc.) that they often receive from simple survey systems do not help them extract meaning about their teaching effectiveness.   SmarterSurveys results are reported through intuitive, graphical reports that are easy to understand.  The enhanced analytics that we use to create the scale scores and control for bias provide a depth of insight not provided by other survey systems.
COMPARISON – School leaders state that schools often use multiple assessments that are analyzed in various ways which prevents them from having a standard score that can be used for comparison purposes.  The scale scores generated via SmarterSurveys provides a common metric on an equal, interval scale that can be used for tracking and comparisons across faculty, departments and the institution.
VALIDATION – School leaders are concerned that the end-of-course survey items which they use to evaluate teaching effectiveness have not undergone an appropriate validation process.

The academic item selection process that resulted in SETE involved an exhaustive review of literature and input from hundreds of faculty resulting in a standardized, validated instrument.

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SmarterSurveys Options

SmarterSurveys provides a cafeteria of choices to help you make the most meaning of your end-of-course evaluation data.

Option 1

Standard Surveys Services

Option 2

Fixed Approach


Option 3

Flexible Approach


Option 4

Custom Services


SmarterSurveys the base Survey System SETE - Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness provided in cooperation with the University of North Texas ASA - Advanced Survey Analysis provided in cooperation with Applied Measurement Associates Custom combination of options one, two or three.
Choose this option if ...
You want the benefits of a survey system designed specifically for end-of-course surveys. You want to use the 12-item SETE instrument that is the result of years of extensive research. You want to use your own survey items and have the bias control formulas and scales scores computed. Your situation calls for a custom implementation that may include collaboration with a third party survey system and the services of SETE and/or ASA. 
Options include ...
  • Real-time reporting
  • Hosted solution
  • Web based on-demand
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Intuitive presentation of data
  • Competitive pricing
  • Design and deliver surveys online
  • Integration with student information systems
  • Immediate reporting
  • Fully customizable
  • Access to a validated response scale which has evolved over three years of research and development.
  • Control for bias
  • Computation of a standardized scale score
  • Access to a detailed technical manual with description of mathematical processes
  • Participate in a growing, national research agenda.
  • Use your existing end-of-course survey items
  • Control for bias
  • Computation of a standardized scale score
  • Allow the psychometricians at Applied Measurement Associates to conduct item analysis and validation studies on your survey items.
  • Validation analysis includes Factorial, Predictive, and Discriminant.
  • Use the SETE instrument for evaluating teaching effectiveness and your own survey items for evaluating other items such as student services.
  • Collect your survey data using a third party survey vendor and have them export the data to us for the computation of scale scores and bias control.


SmarterSurveys Pricing

Pricing for SmarterSurveys is based on an annual per user licensing model.  There is also a one time customization fee only for the first year of usage.

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